Big Game Photo Safari
Western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley
November & December

Skalkaho Lodge & Steakhouse is located approximately 45 minutes south of Missoula in the rolling sagebrush foothills of the Saphire Mountains at mile marker #7 on Skalkaho Hwy.  This 271 acre private ranch is composed of rolling sage brush at the extreme southern border of Marcus Daily’s famous 23,000 acres Stock Farm. The Big Horn Sheep and Mule Deer migrate out of the high country of the Stock Farm and Grid Point late in October each year into these sagebrush hills to rut and spend the winter.  It is not uncommon to see 40-50 Mule Deer each day, including bucks up to 200 Boone and Crocket as well as an equal number of Big Horn Sheep with Rams that will score upward of 185 Boone & Crocket!  It is not unusual to be able to photograph these animals within 25 to 50 yds, often from the bed of the pickup! (photos).  The pictures of Mule Deer and Big Horn Sheep shown on were all taken on the ranch in early November of 2009 during a 2 week period using a Canon 70 x 200 2.8 IS lens with either a 1.4 or 2.0 extender.  The Mule Deer bucks and the Big Horn rams are virtually oblivious to the world around them when they are in rut and “putting the full court press” on the females of their species.  It is not unusual to see Golden Eagles hunting in the sagebrush hills and Bald Eagles fishing in the trout pond on the ranch where ducks & Canadian Geese are swimming.

The private ranchland we will be utilizing for these safaris are accessible by 4 wheel drive truck and 4 wheelers, thus limited mobility of participants is not a problem.  We will leave the lodge at daylight by 4x4 vehicles, returning around 11:00 am for lunch.  We will return to the field around 2:00 pm and come back to the lodge at dark.  Yes, this is during the hunting season in western Montana, but there will be no hunting on the private ranches where we will be photographing during your photo safari.

    $250.00/person or $400.00 for 2 people for a day’s Photo Safari.

For further information and reservations contact:
John or Sandy Rose
Skalkaho Lodge & Steakhouse
At Mile Marker #7 on Skalkaho Hwy
Hamilton, Montana

Skalkaho Lodge also offers 2 guided photo safaris during the first 2 weeks of November that consist of 4 days of photography, 5 nights of lodging and meals at Skalkaho Lodge & daily photographic workshops in Adobe Lightroom.  Groups are limited to 4 people per week and are priced at $2,750.00/person.  For further info visit

Other Special Events

You can also reserve Skalkaho Steakhouse for your own special event be it a wedding, corporate meeting, or family reunion. Enjoy our outdoor facilites as well as our excellent cuisine.