Skalkaho Steakhouse guests can spend the summer months enjoying fine dining and drinks on the outside patio while enjoying the hundreds of hummingbirds that John & Sandy Rose’s feeding program attracts.  

The Bitterroot Valley of western Montana is the summer home to three confirmed species of local breeding hummingbirds, the Black-chinned, Calliope & Rufous.  These summer visitors to the Bitterroot Valley are the smallest members of the bird family, migrating to central Mexico each fall where they spend the winter.  In April they make the long migration back north for the summer.

 Hamilton. Montana is also home to federally licensed hummingbird banders Ned & Gigi Batchelder, who began banding hummingbirds in 2001. They first banded hummingbirds at Skalkaho Steakhouse in 2006.   What John and Sandy Rose, owners of Skalkaho Steakhouse, thought were a dozen or so of these tiny colorful birds frequenting their feeders turned out to be over 300 individual birds.  Ned and Gigi's studies have shown, among other things, that hummingbirds will return not only to Montana, but actually to the same feeder location. They have documented at least two 4 year old female Calliope banded as adults in 2006 that returned to the Skalkaho Steakhouse from Mexico each spring for three consecutive years to enjoy the great food and atmosphere John & Sandy Rose provide! 

 Come join us for the great food and unequaled atmosphere the Skalkaho Steakhouse offers all year long.

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Read about the Batchelders here and Google them for more articles.

Remember: It is a violation of Federal law to take or possess bird feathers or nests without the proper permits..

*Note: Only trained hummingbird banders are allowed to band hummingbirds.